Hulu’s HELLRAISER Movie Reveals First Photos of Its New Pinhead

The continuous stream of horror reboots, reimaginings, and “requels” (thank you Mindy Meeks-Martin for that term) is still going strong. This time, it is Pinhead and the Cenobites rising once again for some hellacious action. Hellraiser changed the game in 1987 with its brutal, menacing BDSM-inspired horror narrative. It led to a very long-running and wild franchise with some strange yet oddly beloved installments. Now—35 years later—Hulu is reimagining the horror classic. Hellraiser (2022) is set to revisit that horrific world just in time for Hulu’s spooky lineup.  

Jamie Clayton as Pinhead in Hulu's Hellraiser film
20th Century Studios

The new Hellraiser film, starring Sense8’s Jamie Clayton as the infamous Lead Cenobite and Hell Priest, will be a part of the streaming service’s “Huluween” offerings. We see the tiniest glimpse of Pinhead in the teaser below so thankfully, the above photo is in the world.

We also get one sidelong glimpse to continue to whet our appetite.

According to a press release, Hellraiser will be a “loyal yet evolved reimagining” of the 1987 film. Hellraiser’s synopsis is pretty basic at this point but just enough to intrigue us: 

“..a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.” 

Ma’am, please leave that d*mned box alone! Nothing but pain will come from it. Clive Barker, who wrote the original Hellraiser novel and directed the first film, returns as a producer. I take that as a major win and a good sign. In general, Hulu is doing its thing in the horror space with Fresh and Prey so hopefully Hellraiser will be another big win.

In addition to Clayton, the ensemble cast for Hellraiser includes Odessa A’zion, Adam Faison, Drew Starkey, Brandon Flynn, Aoife Hinds, Jason Liles, Yinka Olorunnife, Selina Lo, Zachary Hing, Kit Clarke, Goran Visnjic, and Hiam Abbass. I cannot wait to see how the franchise gets a fresh update to fit our modern world. Hellraiser will hit Hulu in all its dark glory on October 7.

Originally published on August 24, 2022.

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