Want to Learn How to Run Really Fast on All Fours?

Being bipedal is a critical reason why humans are the planet’s most dominant species. Most importantly, it has allowed us to use our hands and opposable thumbs to effectively craft and use tools. In turn, we created early civilizations that eventually evolved into the humankind-run society that we see around us today. That said, it’s not like we aren’t missing out on anything by walking around on just our hind legs. If you look at all the world’s fastest animals, for example, they’re all quadrupeds. Plain and simple, running on four legs is a heck of a lot faster than doing it on two.

The good news is that, while our bodies aren’t really optimized for running on all fours, we can definitely do it, and one YouTube user can teach you how (via LaughingSquid).

In an instructional video, Ya Boi Kev says he’s been running on all fours since he was six years old, and says that one of the most important things to remember is to keep your back straight and level with the ground. That makes sense: Just watch your cat or dog, and for the most part, their backs aren’t arched while they’re walking around. Beyond that, it seems to be about stride length, figuring out your stepping style, and practice.

Is this something you want to give a try, or are you fine standing up straight like the homo sapiens you are? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured image: Ya Boi Kev/YouTube

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