How Steve Trevor’s Role Took Inspiration From Another DC Comics Character

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Wonder Woman is just a couple days away and fans are cautiously excited for the next installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). However, as someone who has now seen the movie, fans need not be worried about Wonder Woman. I still get emotional over how great it was and I’m excited to live in a world with a kick-ass lady superhero with her own excellent movie.

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a Q&A session with Patty Jenkins over at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles and one thing I have to say is that she gets it. She understands what it means to be Wonder Woman and what she means to children, especially little girls, everywhere. But one of the things that really caught my attention was her inspiration; she drew a lot of from Superman 1 and Raiders of the Lost Ark (and it shows, trust me).

These two movies really inspired how she approached the character of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). I was nervous about the announcement that Steve Trevor would be playing a role in the new movie because often the love story overshadows the heroic nature of a female lead. I was worried that it would add an unnecessary element and drag Diana (Wonder Woman) down with it. Considering I started this piece with how much I loved the film, it’s needless to say that this did not happen.

Patty Jenkins approached Chris Pine’s character as the Lois Lane of Superman 1 with a bit of Indiana Jones; a character who is charming and likable with depth but still not someone who overpowers the lead. Instead, he takes an active role in her story and becomes a partner to her. Without spoilers, there are a couple homages to the first Superman movie and it really shows the dynamic between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince.

Jenkins even stated during the Q&A that Lois Lane was a fantastic character with amazing dimension who played an active role in the story of the hero. She even mentioned loving that they have a dynamic where Trevor is willing to back off and let Diana take control of the situation. His character adds something to the story instead of overpowering it and it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2nd, and I cannot wait for the world at large to get a chance to see how badass it truly is.

Are you excited for Wonder Woman? What are your thoughts on including Steve Trevor? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured & Blog Image Credits: DC Entertainment/Warner Brothers.

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