How SPIDER-MAN Influenced AMERICAN GODS, and More Behind-the-Scenes Highlights

The latest episode of American Gods focused on the formerly dead wife of Shadow Moon,  Laura, who caught a second wind thanks to Mad Sweeney’s very special coin. To fully appreciate Laura Moon’s journey, we looked back at her past. It’s not pretty, it’s not particularly ugly–it’s just kind of there. That’s one of the problems with Laura, really. She just sort of exists in a constant state of meh and inaction.

Over on Twitter, as usual, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green shared some tidbits and concept art that went into crafting the episode. Plus, actress Emily Browning joined in via Green’s Twitter account with some commentary; her tweets are signed with EB. The highlights include pre-VFX shots of Laura having Shadow’s back, prosthetics details, little touches in the casino, and more.The Egyptian-themed casino where Laura worked, 26th Dynasty, featured some little hints at a connection with Anubis:

Browning did all her own shuffling.

Costume designer Suttirat Larlarb continues to nail it on the design front. Fuller shared a glimpse at the casino waitress ensemble:

Hey, let’s touch on Anubis. Some stylings from Larlarb for Mr. Jacquel and Mr. Ibis:

Laura and Anubis pre-VFX:

How about dead Laura Moon kicking some ass? Green shared a glimpse at her rage from the other side of the camera:

And the stunt team that made it all work:

Laura started learning the ins and outs of her new abilities in the fight, and Fuller said they drew inspiration from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and did an homage to Peter Parker figuring out his powers.

Some thoughts about Laura from Browning. Her favorite thing about the character is how she doesn’t have a filter. She mentioned the hardest aspect about portraying Laura was the chest prosthetic.

Finally, for all the Pushing Daisies fans out there:

What did you think of the latest American Gods? I need to know how you feel about Laura Moon. Tell me in the comments.

Images: Starz

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