Here’s How STRANGER THINGS 4 Will Divide Its Episodes

Stranger Things 4 is almost here! We are only days away from finding out what El is up to in California, what’s going on with Hopper, and why Max is floating in the air. And we are dying for answers about Victor Creel and the Creel House. One big question that’s on everyone’s mind is how this season will shake out. Stranger Things 4 will take place with two parts—Volume One and Two—to give its supersized season some room to breathe. The first part will drop on May 27 with the concluding episodes on July 1. But, how many episodes are in Stranger Things 4 Volume One? We finally have a conclusive answer. 

photo of several stranger things characters standing together

According to a Netflix press release, Stranger Things Volume One will have a whopping seven episodes. The final two will drop in July. As we already know, all the episodes are longer than previous seasons but the Volume Two episodes are super long. Like, movie length long. The Duffer Brothers revealed this information in a recent IGN profile, saying they are longer that films like The Adam Project and Free Guy.

So it won’t be shocking if they hit the two hour mark or get really close to it. Whatever happens at the end of episode seven will surely leave us in a lurch. Then, we get to wait and anticipate how this season’s battle against Vecna will end. Looks like your binge session is gonna take a lot longer this time around. However, it is Memorial Day weekend so a lot of people will have a long weekend to dive into Stranger Things 4.

Four posters combined into one for Stranger Things 4. The poster also reveals Stranger Things season four's release date.

The great thing about this is having an entire month to process, speculate, and imagine how this season is going to end. We know that Stranger Things will have a fifth and final season, so the Upside Down adventures aren’t over yet.

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