Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18. But you don’t need to buy the game to re-immerse yourself in that post-apocalyptic world. You don’t even need to plug in and replay 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. In fact, you aren’t even going to need electricity. Sony has announced it partnered with LEGO to bring one of the franchise’s most beloved machines to life . You can now build your very own Tallneck. Just make sure you have a shelf with plenty of (disc-shaped) head space to put it on.

Gamer’s favorite mechanical animal, the good-natured Tallneck, is getting its own LEGO set. Standing more than 13.5-inches high, the buildable Horizon Forbidden West collectible features “authentic details” from the video game franchise. That includes its very own birch tree and a rusty traffic light. As well as a minifigure of the series’ star, Aloy. She holds her bow and spear in case a more menacing LEGO machine comes along. The set even has a Watcher. It comes with blue, yellow, or red eyes. And the whole piece has a display stand so you can make sure it remains upright. Last thing you want is for your Tallneck to tip over. That would be a mighty fall.

“I fell in love with Horizon Zero Dawn the first time I played it,” said LEGO Model Designer Isaac Snyder about the set in a statement on Sony’s site. “It’s a futuristic world full of gorgeous scenery, strong characters, threatening machines, and a rich story. The Guerrilla designers were a huge inspiration and help in capturing the spirit of this universe in LEGO form. The Horizon fan community is so creative, and this model is dedicated to their passion and imagination.”

LEGO's Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set built and on display

The only downside for fans of both Horizon Forbidden West and LEGO is that they’ll have to wait a lot longer for their own Tallneck than they will Horizon Forbidden West. The set hits stores in May. So for a few months you actually will need electricity to re-immerse yourself in that world.

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