HOMESTAR RUNNER’s Strong Bad Answers First Email in Four Years

April Fools’ is easily one of the worst days of the year, but any day we get a new Homestar Runner cartoon is one of the best. So this April 1 is one of the few worth celebrating. Because this is no joke: the Brothers Chaps have released their first new Strong Bad email in four years. And it’s an extra special one for new parents. As well as anyone trying to raise a bag of banana pudding.

Strong Bad Email #209, titled “Parenting,” finds our favorite correspondent still using his Lapierre computer. That thing’s been kicking since 2015 and it shows no signs of slowing down. (Probably because it’s low-tech graphics don’t require much power.) In this installment of the classic internet segment, Strong Bad offers advice to an anxious new dad looking for child-rearing tips. What follows his initial answer is a full ‘toon. It shows what happened when Coach Z taught a “nebulous” health class about responsible parenting.

Coach Z gave everyone a sandwich bag of banana pudding to represent RHBs (Real Human Babies). That might sound like a weird stand-in, but Coach Z had his reasons. Those bags are exactly like real babies. They’re small, mushy, smell like plastic, and are full of yellow goop.

Strong Bad annd Homestar Runner wear vests at a playground swing taking pictures of bags of banana pudding
Homestar Runner

After the many ups, downs, and a single “Saturn Devouring His Son” moment (King of Town, obviously ), the “Ponders of Warenting” provided everyone with valuable insights. And those who made it to the end of the program became FLRs (Fully Licensed Rents). But in classic Homestar Runner fashion, there was plenty more to enjoy even after Strong Bad finished his email. This ‘toon comes with three bonus scenes at the end.

We shouldn’t be too surprised today gave us our first Strong Bad Email in years. It has been exactly four years since the last one. Email #208 premiered on April 1, 2018.

April Fools’ Day is an annual nightmare, but only during the years we don’t get a new Homestar Runner cartoon. If we don’t get one next year, though, please don’t lie and say we did. The day will already be bad enough.

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