New ‘Toon Shows HOMESTAR RUNNER Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

It’s always a special day when we unexpectedly get a new Homestar Runner ‘toon, but the Brothers Chaps’ latest bit of Flash fun delivers something we’ve never seen before. We can’t tell you what that something is, though. Doing so would ruin the whole cartoon. No, seriously, that’s why this video’s official-unofficial title is “The Name of This Cartoon Would Ruin It.” (Told ya.) All we can say is that although this is not another Halloween video, it features something terrifying fans have of the site have never seen before.

And we’re not even talking about Homestar’s super ripped behind.

The Simpsons isn’t the only animated series that can turn its characters creepy by turning them forward. “Front-Facing Homestar” and his giant mouth are now here to haunt us. He’s also here to set up a pretty lucrative snowball selling pyramid scheme. (Front-Facing Homestar contains multitudes. At least two multitudes.)

Front-Facing Homestar Runner
Homestar Runner

That’s just one of the many great bits in this ‘toon. That includes how you can watch it. It’s available both on YouTube and, as a bonus for longtime fans, in the site’s original Flash form. If you want to make sure you don’t miss/are too lazy to search for all of the Easter eggs included you can find them all at the end of the YouTube version. That’s where you’ll also see just how much Front-Facing Homestar’s head looks like a cruise ship.

It’s also where you’ll find out he’s not even close to the most horrifying front-facing character in the group. That title belongs to The Cheat. He also looks like a cruise ship, only one that is definitely haunted by gold-seeking pirates.

Strong Bad recoils from Homestar Runner's ripped butt
Homestar Runner

Do we want to see every Homestar Runner character in their front-facing form? Absolutely not. Some things should remain a secret. And that includes whether or not anyone has a better looking butt than Homestar.

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