Homemade Hot Wheels Race Track Is a Backyard Waterpark

Snow is beginning to melt. Thermometers are going up while thermostats are going down. And we’re already wondering if we need a new bathing suit. That’s right, winter is coming to a close and we can already start to feel those warm summer rays. We’re not quite there yet, though. So until we’re sitting poolside we need all the reminders of the sunny season we can get. And we just got exactly that from an unlikely place. The YouTube channel Backyard Racing has made another custom Hot Wheels track. And this one is a miniature car’s dream day splashing around a waterpark.

This video (which we first saw at Boing Boing) is a watery ride up, down, around, and even into some pools. And a tiny camera atop a Hot Wheels car offers a first-person perspective on an elaborate build. This custom Hot Wheels track features Pixar Easter eggs, other hidden treasures, and some Rube Goldberg-like machinations to get it way up into the air after running along the ground.

The track really does have everything you’d want in a real waterpark too. This custom Hot Wheels build features waterslides, waterfalls, gutters, and ziplines. (Good thing human parks don’t use popsicle sticks.) And it takes the car 12-feet up in a water bucket. With a build that required 12 sump-pumps, hundreds of gallons of water, wood, ladders, clear tubes, gutters, string, magnets, Jenga blocks, plastic container tubs, zip-ties, and “countless Hot Wheels products.” Oh, and also one very patient Australian Shepherd named Kodi.

A shot from the middle of the ride in Backyard Racing's homemade custom hot wheelswaterpark race track
Backyard Racing

This is not Backyard Racing’s first foray into elaborate homemade Hot Wheels tracks, either. Last September we told you about the channel’s lengthy run across that very same yard. They then followed that up with an even loftier build. Literally. Backyard Racing went to the sky with a drill-powered treetop track.

The only reason we know this wasn’t built in summer is because the trees are still bare. But it’s already, so are ours. And that’s not stopping us from dreaming about watching fun YouTube videos from the beach. Maybe even playing with Hot Wheels.

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