Fan Creates ALIEN-Inspired Facehugger Face Mask

Now that face masks are pretty much mandatory for stepping outside the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nerds of all stripes have had to become creative to make sure their own mask stands out from the crowd. And thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve come across one face mask that owns all others on the creative front. And it should also freak out just about everyone you see in the grocery store.

A woman going by the name of Lady Frankenstein has created a custom face mask for her husband that looks exactly like the xenomorph facehugger from the Alien franchise, at his request. She gave a step-by-step account on her Facebook page on how she created it, should anyone want one of their own. It’s in German, but fortunately there’s a translate function so English speakers can find out how to make one for themselves.

Now, I’m not sure that I would want that wrapped around my chin when I’ve already got anxiety, but hey, to each their own. Lady Frankenstein posted several images of her Alien-inspired face mask, showing it off in full detail. You can see the body, the legs, and even that gnarly tail that wrapped around poor Kane’s neck in the original Ridley Scott classic.

In the film, the facehugger latched itself onto the head of crewman Kane (John Hurt) while exploring planet LV-426. It then planted its egg inside him, which lead to one of the most memorable dinner scenes in cinema history. Hopefully, nothing too nasty pops out of this guy’s chest while sitting down for breakfast later.

Lady Frankenstein’s idea for a face mask is actually akin to a different kind of life-saving apparatus that popped up last year. A man named Jared Grey, who suffers from sleep apnea, used his skills to create a facehugger CPAP mask for himself. As a sleep apnea sufferer myself, I have way too much childhood trauma from watching Alien at a young age to ever wear one myself. But I am still in awe that someone took the time to create one. When it comes to both of these creations, they prove that it’s never wise to underestimate the power of geeky arts and crafts types in a time of need!

Featured Image: Twentieth Century Fox

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