Home Depot Is Selling a 13-Foot Jack Skellington

Home Depot changed Halloween forever in 2020. Forever, you ask? Surely whatever they did cannot be so pivotal. But reader, the retailer’s introduction of a 12-foot skeleton brought on a whole wave of inventive and massive Halloween decorations. The giant skeleton sold out in 2020, and Home Depot has shown up with increasing quantities for sale ever since. Plus, the retailer has evolved the concept in the last couple of years. This time Home Depot has turned its attention to a different kind of skeleton in the form of a very tall Jack Skellington. The 13-foot Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is ready to rule over your yard as the Pumpkin King.

A 13ft animated Jack Skellington stands in front of other Home Depot animated statues
Home Depot

Jack Skellington can greet people with two different animations and glowing LEDs that light up his beautiful skeleton head. He comes with two interchangeable face plates to reflect Jack’s different moods. The above photo shows his intimidating Pumpkin King scowl. The other face plate features a warmer expression. Both options feature a moving lower jaw, which pairs with Jack singing “Jack’s Lament.” The 13-foot Jack Skellington sings and dances to three different parts of the iconic Nightmare Before Christmas song. A built-in motion sensor triggers both the mouth and the head so you can rest assured the statue will thoroughly creep out passersby. On the other hand, it will delight trick-or-treaters.

If you already own one of Home Depot’s 12-foot giant skeletons, which fans have nicknamed Skelly, Jack Skellington will no doubt look excellent next to it. Skelly probably won’t be jealous of Jack’s extra height either. As Home Depot continues to develop its giant Halloween decor line, you can grow your display with additional colossal animated statues as your space permits. One can only dream.

The 13-foot Jack Skellington is available from Home Depot for $399.

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