Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – For the Mystery Fan

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? From the childhood days of admiring Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew to the current true crime craze, mysteries can scratch our itch for adventure. If the wannabe detective on your holiday list loves reading, solving, or even creating their own mysteries, they’ll love these hot whodunits.

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Items from the Hunt A Killer and Agatha Christie mystery box

Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer: The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge

Hunt A Killer has firmly established themselves as the makers of incredibly immersive murder-in-a-box experiences. So what happens when they team up with Agatha Christie? Magic, mystery, and of course, murder. This collaboration is packed with high-quality clues and components that make each character feel like a real person. Treat a friend and invite yourself along for the journey.

Arsenic and Adobo mystery book banner


Arsenic and Adobo

If your favorite mystery fan loves a dash of cozy in their mystery—and maybe a generous helping of spice—the first book in this new series could be the perfect present. Arsenic and Adobo is a whodunit for anyone looking for a delicious escape into a new mystery.

The Best Mystery and Suspense of 2021 book cover

HMH Books

The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021

Twenty stories. Over 300 pages. This curated collection of the year’s best mystery and suspense short stories gives the gift of new authors to discover.

Dial A For Aunties romantic comedy mystery book cover


Dial A for Aunties

One part mystery, one part romantic comedy, and all parts fun, Dial A for Aunties is a high-energy mystery. The mystery reader in your life will immediately fall in love with Meddy Chan and her four well-meaning aunties in this hilarious adventure.

The Deadbolt Society murder subscription box

The Deadbolt Mystery Society

The Deadbolt Mystery Society

Each murder-in-a-box is a standalone story that you can gift once or year-round. Unlike most mystery boxes, the Deadbolt Mystery Society’s clues are solved in order, making a more linear experience for true crime buffs who might want a little more guidance in their mystery solving.

echoes audio mystery game from Ravensburger



Is your gift recipient a seasoned pro at solving a murder-in-a-box? They’ll appreciate the entirely new experience of echoes. The auditory adventure uses an app to play the sounds of a mystery unfolding. Piece together the clues in the right order and the truth is revealed. echoes is a cost-effective choice if you’re looking for a small gift or stocking stuffer this year.

Eight Perfect Murders mystery book cover


Eight Perfect Murders

A bookstore, an amateur sleuth, and murder—it might sound like a cozy mystery, but this suspenseful story is anything but. Eight Perfect Murders pays homage to the mystery writers that came before. For a darker, more thrilling read, you can’t go wrong with this celebration of the genre.

Murder Most Puzzling jigsaw puzzles

Chronicle Books

Murder Most Puzzling

This gift takes “putting the pieces together” to a whole new level. The clues to solving these murders are hidden in the puzzle pieces! There’s no better way to escape to a cozy corner and while away the hours than building this mystery.

My Favorite Murder map and jigsaw puzzle

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Is there a Murderino on your gift list? Pick up this puzzle for the perfect pastime while a podcast plays. My Favorite Murder, to be exact. This gorgeous map details notable crimes in areas across the country that you might have heard about on the popular true crime podcast.

A real secret decoder ring

Uncommon Goods

Secret Decoder Ring

Forget just mystery fans—almost anyone would want their very own secret decoder ring. Stuff this in a mystery fan’s stocking to help them crack a case, or so they can create their own secret messages just for you! Just remember to get a ring for yourself first.

History Channel's Unexplained Mysteries calendar

History Channel

Unexplained Mysteries Calendar

Every day could use a little mystery, don’t you think? The History Channel has your gift-giving covered with a daily Unexplained Mysteries calendar. From crimes to things no one can explain, your gift recipient will find out something incredible every single day. Just be prepared to hear about it later.

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