Run Amok and Make a HOCUS POCUS Spell Book Purse

Since it’s the month of Nerdoween, Hocus Pocus is on our mind more than usual. The 1993 Disney film focused on the Sanderson sisters and their witchy ways is a fan favorite and is even coming back as a TV movie reboot on the Disney Channel. Whether you want to prepare for the return of the Sandersons or craft the perfect accessory for your Winifred Halloween costume, Babble has you covered. They’ve performed a magical feat and turned her spell book into a purse.

The base of the project is a hardcover book, so this is a fashionable way to give life back to a damaged title. After you remove the pages, the process is all about modification. The steps aren’t necessarily complicated, but you are going to need to set aside some time for this project. I’d put Hocus Pocus on in the background to make the process feel faster.

While this would go wonderfully with an everyday Winifred costume, it would also be killer with just about any outfit–especially a black dress.

Get full instructions for the how-to at Babble.

Are you ready to embrace your inner Sanderson sister and make a spell book purse? Will you make any modifications? Share your plans in the comments.

Images: Disney/Babble

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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