This Cup Noodles Makeup Collection Is Packaging Perfection

There’s something alluring about food brands releasing makeup lines. After all, their food products and packaging feature color schemes that look stunning as an eyeshadow palette. Last year, Chipotle released a line with e.l.f. Cosmetics, transforming the stunning tones of a burrito bowl into must-have makeup. But currently, I am in love with Cup Noodles’ collaboration with the makeup company HipDot. Before we even dive into the delightful pair of products, we must admit the packaging. It’s absolutely beautiful and definitely makes me a little hungry. 

The Hipdot/Cup Noodles collector's set of cheek/lip and eyeshadow
HipDot/Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles collection features a eyeshadow palette and a lips and cheek set. The Pigment Palette features eight warm tones inspired by Cup Noodles’ iconic snack. Each shade reflects an ingredient: Ramen Noodle, Diced Carrot, Hot & Spicy, Teriyaki, Roasted Corn, Seasoning, Soy Sauce, and Spicy Chile. It retails for $26.

The Hipdot/Cup Noodles eyeshadow set
HipDot/Cup Noodles

Multipurpose makeup is very popular right now, and HipDot and Cup Noodles are getting in on the trend. The Cup Noodles Lips and Cheek Set retails for $22. The lips and cheek set works as either a liquid blush or liquid lipstick, and arrives in three shades mimicking Cup Noodles sauces. The set features Hot sauce (red), Lemon (yellow), and Sesame (orange) shades.

The Hipdot/Cup Noodles cheek and lip set
HipDot/Cup Noodles

If you’re looking for both, there’s also the collector’s box, which retails for $58. That features the pigment palette, lip/cheek set, powder puff, a  makeup bag, and HipDot x Cup Noodles chopsticks. Currently, the stunning collection, which is vegan and cruelty-free, only ships to the US and Canada.

This isn’t Hipdot’s first foray into the world of food makeup. Just last year, they collaborated with Reese’s on a line that actually smelled like the iconic peanut butter cup. It doesn’t appear that HipDot’s Cup Noodles products smell like microwavable snack. At least Design TAXI, where we saw this, didn’t indicate as much. But maybe that’s for the best anyway. We don’t want to  get distracted and accidentally try a taste of the “ramen noodle” eyeshadow shade.

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