Henry Cavill Nerded Out During His Visit to WARHAMMER World

Henry Cavill doesn’t exactly need to do anything else to establish his nerd cred. He was Superman before playing Geralt of Rivia on The Witcher. That’s more than enough. However, both of those roles involve him being an impossibly handsome mountain of a super-powered man. So he comes across a little differently than the rest of us. But boy is he just the same. Because when he’s not busy building his own gaming PC you can find him painting Warhammer pieces. He’s as big a fan of the game and its tens of thousands of miniatures as anyone. And Cavill’s nerdy love was on full display during his recent visit to Warhammer World. He looked like a big kid getting to run around the greatest toy store.

Cavill shared a short montage of his time at Warhammer World in Nottingham, England to social media. To a giant nerd like him going there was akin to a religious journey. He called his inaugural trip a “pilgrimage.” Not that he needed to tell us how he felt about the experience. The giant smile plastered on his face while wandering around with Warhammer World’s Andy Smillie, Mark Chambers, Wade Pryce, and Aiden Daly showed how thrilled Cavill was to go.

In addition to checking out the many pieces on display, Cavill also says he got to ask and learn “about minute and elusive parts” of Warhammer lore. Which makes us feel better about when we get way too deep into the lore of his shows and movies. Geralt of Rivia gets us. He just gets us. (Well, the guy who plays him does. The actual Geralt would tell us to **** off and growl before riding away on his horse to drink at a tavern or kill a monster.)

Henry Cavill looks over a Warhammer miniature display
Henry Cavill

We didn’t need this video to know Henry Cavill is a fellow nerd. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like seeing him geek out the same as all of us.

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