Henry Cavill Says Geralt Talks More in THE WITCHER Season 2

Henry Cavill turned grunting into an art form during season one of The Witcher on Netflix. With nothing more than an exasperated sigh he also captured the weariness that comes with hunting monsters. And he conveyed all the anger and aggravation a witcher feels with nothing more than a perfect F-bomb. But don’t expect the White Wolf to be as quiet in season two. Cavill says Geralt of Rivia will talk far more often when the fantasy series returns. And that will make him more like the character readers know and love.

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GamesRadar has an excerpt from Total Film‘s interview with Cavill. The famous nerd spent the pandemic doing exactly what lots of others did. He re-played The Witcher games on their hardest settings. He said it was a lot more stressful than he remembered. But unless we’re getting The Witcher 4 anytime soon our focus is on the next season of Netflix’s live-action adaptation. And Cavill says when it arrives at the streaming site on December 17 it’s going to bring us a much more loquacious version of the character.

“This season, I really wanted to make sure that we represented the book’s Geralt more accurately, and that we saw him speak more,” said Cavill on getting Geralt to open up. “I pushed really, really hard for that.”

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Don’t worry though. A talkative White Wolf won’t mean a happy one. Cavill says his character won’t be any cheerier. “He’s still Geralt of Rivia, but he’s definitely coming across as more of an intellectual,” he said. “It’s a hard life, monster hunting…I wouldn’t recommend it.”

No worries! We weren’t considering it as a profession anyway. Not even because we’re very, very afraid of monsters. We just don’t know if we can capture the difficulty of the job with a single grunt or a well-placed curse word. Killing creepy creatures is hard. But doing that is an art.

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