HELLBOY Celebrates 25 Years with Specialty Beer Varieties

Hellboy is everyone’s favorite beer-swilling, demon-hunting, raised from hell superhero badboy. And this year he turns 25 which means there are all kinds of celebratory things happening, including the very on-brand line of beers from Gigantic Brewing Company. The six flavors are each inspired by different HB-universe characters and each one comes with a unique Mike Mignola-designed label and they all sound pretty delicious to us.

Hellboy Liz Sherman Chocolate Mole Fire Stout

Here’s the full list of flavors and inspirations:

  • Hellboy – Maple Syrup Pancake Beer
  • Liz Sherman – Mole Chili Stout
  • Johann Kraus – Citrus Wit Beer
  • Abe Sapien – Indigo Blue Fruit Ale
  • Blood Queen – Cranberry Yuzu Sour
  • Trevor Bruttenholm – British Barleywine

If this sounds up your alley and you’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con then you’re in luck as that’s where the beers will be debuting at a yet to be announced top secret event. They’ll be available on a wider basis on March 15 in the lead up to Hellboy day on March 23 2019.

According to the press release the company will be releasing a very specific number of the each beer to fit with the comics character’s theme. “To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, Oregon’s Gigantic Brewing and Dark Horse Comics are teaming up to create 666 cases of Hellboy beer, based on award-winning cartoonist Mike Mignola’s legendary character. All told, Gigantic Brewing will release six different Hellboy beers, with flavors inspired by fan-favorite characters from the Hellboy comic books. Each new beer will be a limited edition run of 666 cases and will be released approximately every seven weeks.”

These delectable beverages obviously come just in time for the David Harbour-starring film which will be hitting screens on April 12. We’re excited to collect them all and cook up some pam-cakes of our own.

Images: Dark Horse Comics, Gigantic Brewing Company, Universal

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