Hear the Song Carrie Fisher Wrote with Sean Lennon

The late  Carrie Fisher was much more than our favorite space princess/rebel general. In her 60 years on this planet, she lived several lifetime –she was an actress, an author, a script doctor, a poet, and even an advice columnist. Yes, she was that freakin’ amazing. But what many folks might not know is that, much like her legendary mom Debbie Reynolds, she also sang. And what’s more, she occasionally wrote her own music.

Now, thanks to the folks at Vulture, we’ve learned that, several years back, Carrie Fisher had actually co-written a song with musician  Sean Lennon called “Bird Song.” Fisher had been friends with Lennon and his family for a long time; since both of them were the children of show business royalty, it’s no wonder they got along famously. Lennon was inspired by Fisher’s death this past year to finally record the song, which he did as a duet with Willow Smith (herself another child of Hollywood royalty).In a statement, Lennon said “Carrie and I used to stay up ’til dawn chatting and pontificating about life. They were my best moments. Anyway … we wrote a song about staying up too late and hearing the birds sing. Willow Smith is a prodigal angel and was generous enough to lend her golden voice to this little tune.” Lennon later added that Carrie was “one of the best and closest friends I’ve ever had in my life” and described her death this past December as “the kind of loss that you never recover from.” Sean Lennon wasn’t wrong–Carrie Fisher was one of a kind, and truly irreplaceable.

You can listen to the Sean Lennon and Willow Smith duet “Bird Song” in its entirety down below:

What do you think of Lennon and Smith’s duet? Did it make you get choked up too? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Image: Lucasfilm

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