HBO Kicks Off THE SOPRANOS’ 25th Anniversary Celebration with Tasty Food Montage

Television changed forever on January 10, 1999. That night, a drama about a New Jersey mafia crime boss in therapy debuted on HBO. David Chase’s series, starring James Gandolfini in one of the medium’s greatest performances ever, still stands as one of TV’s best and most influential shows ever. It also stands as one of the tastiest shows, too. The Sopranos turned food into a character, and HBO honored that culinary legacy in a montage video that is part of the network’s new 25th anniversary celebration.

And if you weren’t hungry before watching you will be after.

Oh madone! This “25 Years of Gabagool” montage video features a smorgasbord of foods The Sopranos served up in its many kitchens, backyards, and restaurants over six seasons. From “manicot” to “Jersey’s best sangwich,” it’s enough to feed an entire Italian family during Sunday dinner. It should also put to rest the whole (wrong) “sauce” versus (correct) “gravy” argument. Not because I say so, but because I encourage you not to argue with a literal family of sociopaths who also know how to cook.

Uncle Junior in his white capo holding pastries with Bobby Bacala in the doorway next to him on The Sopranos

This video is just an appetizer for what HBO is serving up for its celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary. Max users will now find a The Sopranos: 25th Anniversary collection on the streaming site. It includes “15 deleted scenes, three of which have never been released.” Max also now has “over five hours of behind-the-scenes featurette content.”

HBO is also reuniting the cast for a “Family Dinner,” hosting screenings of the event at Alamo Drafthouse, partnering with restaurants for The Sopranos-inspired dishes and pop-ups, offering 25th anniversary merchandise, and more. You can read all about how you can join in on the fun from HBO and Max.

You can also get yourself some baked ziti whenever you like. And maybe also some nice pastries to bring to your nephew’s. You’ll all want to eat after watching The Sopranos talk about food.

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