THE SOPRANOS Dictionary Revisits The Show’s Unique Verbiage

The Sopranos might be the greatest TV show ever. It launched the modern day Golden Age of Television, made it possible for complicated antiheroes to be the main protagonist in a series, and featured some of the best characters and writing of all-time. But none of those are the true lasting legacy of creator David Chase’s mafia family drama. The most important thing the show did was finally let everyone know what “gabagool” means. That might sound like a beloved character from a kid’s puppet show, but fans of the show know it’s a delicious deli meat. That was just one of the many Italian-American terms that helped make the show sound authentic, but if you’re still not sure what those other terms mean there’s a new video from HBO defining The Sopranos’ vocabulary.

And oh madone it is really funny.

HBO‘s hilarious new video, “The Sopranos Dictionary,” is a linguistic look back at some of the more unique terms spoken on the series. That includes the show’s most infamous word “gabagool.” It’s just a weird regional pronunciation of capicola, a tasty Italian pork deli meat.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a good enough meal for your goomah. Treat her right or she could tell your wife what’s going on, and madone what a fiasco that would be! If that happens you might have to have a sit down with a divorce attorney. If you’re unlucky you might get kicked in your stugots. (A term that doubles as the funniest name ever for a boat.)

Oh! Hilarious Video Explains THE SOPRANOS's Dictionary_1 HBO

The best word from the series though might be the simplest, “oh!” It’s a versatile term that can be used in a wide range of situations. For example you could say, “Oh! This sandwich has gabagool!” Or “Oh! The stugots on this guy!”

However, there’s one thing you can never talk about on The Sopranos, in any terms. Never talk about “this thing.”

You know what that means.

Featured Image: HBO

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