Every Easter Egg from the HAWKEYE Finale

It’s finally here! After five fantastic episodes and a bunch of MCU-shifting moments, the finale of Hawkeye has arrived. Yes, [redacted] is in it and, of course, [redacted] happened. So if you’ve watched episode six and are ready to dig into those spoilers then read on! There’s a lot to catch and break down so make sure you’re all caught up before reading any further.

Some Sharp Duds
The cover for Amazing Spider-Man #51 shows Kingpin and his goons Kingpin is wearing his classic comics costume which we see in the finale of Hawkeye
Marvel Comics/John Romita Sr.

The episode begins exactly where any fan would want it to: Kingpin, Kingpin, Kingpin! And as we first meet him, he’s wearing his comics accurate costume. That’s the cane, slick white jacket, and purple pants he rocks as he chats to Eleanor Bishop.

“We’ve had a good relationship, haven’t we?”

If you’ve been wondering just what Eleanor and Wilson Fisk’s relationship is then Hawkeye‘s finale answers that immediately. The pair have been working together for years. It turns out that Kate’s father, Eleanor’s husband, owed Fisk a ton of money. So Eleanor has been doing his bidding for almost two decades.


Yep. As she chats with Kingpin, Eleanor casually reveals that she “dealt with Armand.” So either she murdered her future father-in-law or hired someone to do it. Oh and we were right, Jack is wrongfully taking the fall for Sloane Ltd. Eleanor, how could you do that to Tony Dalton?

Dragons of Despair

In a nice nod to their LARPing friends, as Kate and Clint chat in Grills’ apartment, we see a big poster for the classic 1985 Dungeons & Dragons series. Written by Tracy Hickman, Dragons of Despair launched the 16 book strong series of Dragonlance adventures.

“Every time I think I’m ready to give up my trick arrows, they make a surprising comeback.”
Hawkeye's trick arrows are laid out on this page from marvel handbook
Marvel Comics/Eliot R. Brown

We get some powerful trick arrow time during this episode. As Kate and Clint prepare for their big showdown they team up to make some more of the famed weapons. We see them crafting a bunch of comics accurate and new arrows. If you want to get an idea of the kind of arrows they’re making, the above page from the Marvel Universe Handbook is a fun thing to reference.

Kate Comes Clean

In a touching moment, Kate shares her memory of the Battle of New York with Clint. It’s a sweet and vulnerable scene for Kate and cements her relationship with Clint. Usually, though, this emotional reveal comes before a tragedy, so we’re not feeling good about what comes next.

Lookin’ Good, Wilson 
A still from Spider-Man: Family Business shows Wilson Fisk wearing his siganture white suit and a red Hawaiian shirt like he wears in the Hawkeye finale
Marvel Comics/Gabriele Dell’Otto

In another comic book nod, we get Wilson in a snazzy Hawaiian shirt with his signature white suit. This is taken directly from Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business #1. With his diamond cane and a gala playing a major part in the storyline, this feels like a really influential issue on the finale. 

That Shiny Christmas Tree

Look, if we hadn’t just mainlined multiple viewings of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we would not include the Rockefeller Center’s famed tree. But seeing as this was the last place we saw Spider-Man swinging in his brand new suit, we had to bring it up! Doesn’t it look pretty?

Christmas Tree Owl

While in the Rockefeller Center tree, Clint spots an owl. That’s a classic ripped from the headlines nod. Last year, a very small owl hitched a ride on the massive tree from upstate New York to Manhattan. After discovering the feathered creature, rescuers saved the owl and released it safely back into the wild.

Kate’s Comic Book Costume

After that frankly delightful tête-à-tête in the elevator with Yelena, in which Hailee Steinfeld and Florence Pugh prove why they’re the best ship in the MCU right now, Kate reveals her comics inspired costume. The rad purple and black suit looks just as good on the screen. And in an art imitating life imitating art moment, the current Kate Bishop Hawkeye comic recently introduced the  MCU suit!

Long Live Swordsman
the cover for Avengers shows The Swordsman who is an antagonist in Hawkeye on Disney+
Marvel Comics/Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers

Sure he might not have ended up being the deep-cut Hawkeye mentor we hoped for, but Swordsman is still a total joy. Tony Dalton goes wild with his sword, fighting off the Tracksuit Mafia. It’s a super fun nod to his comic book backstory and lets Dalton once again show why he’s become a fan favorite in this season. Long live Jack Duquesne!

The LARPers Live Up to Their Names

We’ve talked about how each of the LARPers have comic book aliases. And while they don’t get comics accurate suits they do get a little super-powered moment. They rock their newly created costumes to help save civilians from the Tracksuit Mafia.

So Spider-Man Was Definitely Set Before the Finale Then?

As we mentioned before, Spider-Man: No Way Home ends with Spidey flying past that big ol’ tree. But we see that tree get decimated here during this fight. So either that took place during a later Christmas season or prior to the Hawkeye finale. Ah, the MCU timeline, isn’t it fun?

Clint’s Secret Avengers Costume
A panel from Secret Avengers shows Clint Barton in his comics costume that we see in this week's episode of Hawkeye
Marvel Comics/Michael Walsh/Matthew Wilson/Ales Kot/Clayton Cowles

Just like Kate, Clint gets a comic book accurate costume this week too. While it’s technically a new design for the MCU, it takes heavily from the 2013 Secret Avengers series. It was a look that continued on in different forms into the David Aja and Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye series that influenced this show.

“I’ll have to ask Scott about that.”

Seeing as Clint just casually has a ton of Pym particles laying around, it was inevitable we’d get another Ant-Man nod. After Clint shrinks the Trust A Bro van, leaving all the Tracksuits inside, he refers to Scott as the only person who’ll know how to get ’em back to normal. Alas, before that can happen, that owl snatches them up, which is actually pretty bleak.

Oh, That’s the Real Kingpin

While Netflix’s Daredevil introduced viewers to a grounded and gritty world, here we’re seeing Kingpin straight out of the comics. In those iconic stories Kingpin was superpowered. And while we saw his strength in Daredevil, here we see him rip a door off a car and then get hit by that same car through a plate glass window and he’s absolutely fine! This easily makes him one of the most formidable foes in the MCU right now and we cannot wait to see more. But, of course, how much more will be defined by whether or not Echo managed to kill him in their showdown. Seeing as how he survived everything else this episode, we think the odds are good he’ll return.

“We’re family.”
A still from Daredevil #15 shows Echo holding a gun to Kingpin's face
Marvel Comics/David Ross/Mark Morales/Richard Isanove/David Mack/Richard Starkings

But, of course, how much more will be defined by whether or not Echo managed to kill him in their showdown. Seeing as how he survived everything else this episode, we think the odds are good he’ll return. Also this moment was a nice visual nod to the Daredevil issue where Echo debuted.

Black Widows, Black Widows Everywhere
Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in Black Widow
Marvel Studios

There are a whole bunch of Black Widow references this week. Clint and Yelena bond and fight over memories of Nat, which include references to Vormir, her death in Endgame, and the Black Widow movie. It’s a huge moment for Yelena, who finally comes to learn (most of) the truth about her sister’s death. Clint also gets to share how much of an impact his partner had on his life.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We return once again this week to the Barton family homestead. Yes, the horrific site of Clint’s entire family being blipped away is now the cutesy home they all share. With Kate’s mom now presumably in prison, the elder Hawkeye takes Kate back home and the pair spend Christmas with his family.

“You’ll never guess what was found in a black market auction in New York.”
A still from Hawkeye shows a silver rolex that is revealed in the finale to belong to Laura Barton
Marvel Studios

Looks like the theories were right folks: Laura Barton is the MCU’s Mockingbird. How do we know this? Well, that would be the watch that Clint gives her. That Rolex did belong to Laura and on the back it had a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo and the number 19. In the comics, Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird is Agent 19 of S.H.I.E.L.D. So yes, we think it’s safe to say this is a thing now.

Don’t Forget That Mid-Credits Scene, Baby

If you were one of the many fans of the Rogers the Musical number “Save the City,” you’ll be pleased with the mid-credits scene. It’s the full number complete with dancing and effects. So if you’re a musical lover then live it up. Also, you get a nice cameo from one of the song’s composers, Marc Shaiman, who we see as the conductor here. We could do this all day!

Those All Important Thanks

The only new creator this week is Don Rico. Interestingly, as a co-creator of Black Widow we’d have thought he’d have been thanked in previous episodes, but this is his first appearance. We’re not 100% sure why it took this long, but it could have something to do with an ongoing legal battle between his estate—and numerous other creators—and Marvel.

That’s all, folks! Thanks so much for following along and see you for more hot eggs in 2022!

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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