A Haunted Mansion Bar Is Coming to Disney’s Next Cruise Ship

We’re not absolutely positive what makes a haunt happy, but cocktails probably help. That means the ghosts aboard the Disney Treasure will be delighted because the cruise ship will feature the first-ever bar inspired by the Haunted Mansion. The beloved Disney Parks attraction has exactly the right vibe for a cozy bar with its spooky Victorian style. And from the looks of photos, the Haunted Mansion Parlor nails the atmosphere. We can’t wait to be some of the many foolish mortals who sit at this bar.

The projection of three hitchhiking ghosts in a mirror behind bottles of liquor in the Disney Haunted Mansion Parlor on the Treasure

It’s been quite the year for the Haunted Mansion. The ride inspired a new film adaptation over the summer, and Hatbox Ghost is making his way to Walt Disney World. And now a Haunted Mansion bar! Disney Cruise Line shares that the Haunted Mansion Parlor focuses “on the story of a jovial captain who entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancé.” Composer Shruti Kumar wrote a custom musical arrangement inspired by the ride to further set the mood. Walt Disney Imagineering is bringing the illusions to the party, too, with characters from Haunted Mansion rides around the globe haunting the bar.

A look at the Haunted Mansion bar with the hitchhiking ghosts behind the bar and a fake fireplace

We can see the iconic purple wallpaper around the Haunted Mansion bar. The space has a number of decor touches that look to be right from the ride. Then you have the three hitchhiking ghosts appearing in a window behind the bar. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other familiar ghouls show up there.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will serve craft cocktails and sell souvenirs—a music box, a mantle clock, and a parlor mirror—and a sculpted mug. In other words, yes, we will leave one whole suitcase empty just for our Haunted Mansion bar haul. Flip through the gallery below to see them all.

You can wrap your ghostly hands around these cocktails when the Disney Treasure sets sail in December 2024.

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