Hasbro Reveal Their First POWER RANGERS Figure: White Ranger Tommy

Hasbro won’t fully take over the Power Rangers toy license until next year, but now we have an idea of what that will look like. In conjunction with the Power Morphicon convention this weekend, the toy giant revealed the first of undoubtedly many plans for the lucrative license, with the first action figure line and the first character they’ll be making: Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger. Like Star Wars: The Black Series and Marvel Legends, Hasbro’s new Power Rangers: Lightning Collection will feature 6-inch action figures loaded with detail and approximately 27 points of articulation, and include alternate unhelmeted actor likenesses where applicable, using the company’s face-print technology to get the coloration just right. It will include figures from across all Power Ranger properties, and include weapons and special effects accessories. Instagrammer SeanxLong was able to snag this photo of the first prototype figure, and it looks like a collector’s dream:

Meanwhile, Cnet uploaded an exclusive video that showcases the Hasbro design process which went into making Jason David Frank into a figure as articulated as he is:

Hasbro intends to focus on “real world proportions and textures,” but we’re guessing there will be some resharing of body parts to keep costs under control. More likely what they mean is these won’t be super-muscular like comic-book toys, but based more on the human proportions of actual actors. So far, Tommy’s costume looks like actual fabric as it would sit on a real-world physique. If they do a movie-based costume with more sculpted features, that will obviously change.

Are you excited to see what comes next? What characters throughout the property’s history would you like to see as toys? Let us know in comments!

Image: Hasbro/Cnet

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