Has STAR WARS Been Hiding THE LAST JEDI’s Real Villain?

DC isn’t worried about continuity in their movies, there’s a huge new theory about who might be the real big bad in The Last Jedi, and we got a new look at Riverdale season two. So yeah, we had a lot to cover on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back.Geek and Sundry‘s Amy Vorpahl, Nerdist News writer Joan Ford, and Bizarre States‘ Andrew Bowser joined host Jessica Chobot (yes, in full Orc makeup) for the best pop culture chat on the internet, and they started with the comments from DC Entertainment heads Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson in Variety. They said standalone movies in the DCEU won’t have to tie in together (outside of the big team ups). Will foregoing the successful approach taken by the MCU, and instead giving individual filmmakers freedom to tell the story they want to share, be a step in the right direction? Or is this yet another in a long line of DCEU mistakes? And would we have preferred Man of Steel with a lighter, less neck-snappy tone?
After leaving behind Krypton and Themyscira, the panel set off for the galaxy far, far away to talk about latest, monumental Last Jedi theory. WARNING: If you consider rumors and theories to be types of spoilers, skip ahead past the photos of BB-8, okay?Still with us? Good, because Star Wars theories don’t get any bigger than the newest one floating around the internet. That’s because it says Snoke is a Wizard of Oz misdirect from Disney, and the true villain of the last two movies in the sequel trilogy is really Luke Skywalker. Uh…what? What are the odds this is a real thing? Are there actual signs it could be true, or is this just a product of fans being underwhelmed by Snoke as a villain? If it does prove to be correct though, will we be okay with it? Will Star Wars fans accept it? (Put me down as the biggest “**** NO” ever.)Yes, if you avoided that section you can come out now.Because the gang ended by breaking down the new Riverdale season two trailer we got this week. Learn why we’re excited for it, and why should you be watching the show. Also, what do we expect from the Sugar Man this year? Could we really get an appearance from a certain teenage witch named Sabrina? And who else would we like to see make a cameo?
As always, Nerdist News Talks Back was live today at 1:00 p.m. PST on  our YouTube and Alpha channels, just like it is every weekday. Tune in with us so you can be part of the conversation. Just like the DCEU you don’t have to worry about continuity issues if you missed the last installment.We still want you to share your thoughts on today’s topics, so talk back to us in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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