Harvey Guillén Joining HARLEY QUINN as Nightwing

What We Do In the Shadows‘ Guillermo is more than just one of television’s best characters. He’s basically a superhero. He’s a descendant of famed vampire hunter Van Helsing who inherited his ancestor’s abilities. Guillermo can wipe out an entire room of the living dead singlehandedly. The beloved familiar also has a close relationship with a guy who only operates at night and turns into a bat. So it’s only fitting that Guillermo himself, Harvey Guillén, will voice Nightwing on season three of the animated series Harley Quinn.

Hrvey Guillén holds up a stake like he's going to stab a vampire on What We Do In the Shadows

Deadline reports that everyones’ favorite wannabe vampire will temporarily leave Staten Island behind for the glitz and glamour of Gotham. Guillén is joining Harley Quinn during its third season (coming to HBO Max). He’ll play Batman’s former sidekick Dick Grayson during the hero’s Nightwing era. The former Robin took on the persona following a split from Bruce Wayne.

This is the latest DC property to bring the What We Do In the Shadows actor onboard. Earlier this month it was also reported Guillén signed on to the live-action Blue Beetle adaptation under development at Warner Bros. While his role in that film is still unknown it is expected to be a “key” part in the film.

Nightwing from DC Comics
DC Comics

He’s also the latest big name to sign on to the animates show’s next season. Earlier this week we learned The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker writer-director James Gunn will also make a guest appearance on Harley Quinn. Gunn will play himself on the show. He’s in Gotham to make a film about Thomas Wayne, which sounds dangerous. But if Gunn happens to run into a man-bat while he’s there we know who he should call for help. Forget Batman. Call on the hero voiced by someone who has actual experience dealing with a guy that turns into a bat.

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