HARRY POTTER Book Titles as Named by Hermione and Ron

You know one way to tell Harry Potter is the star of the Harry Potter series? His name is right there in the title. The books by J.K. Rowling center on The Boy Who Lived’s adventures and accomplishments. And yeah, while Harry was at the center of every story because of the whole Chosen One business, he wouldn’t have lived until the end of book seven without Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley–especially Hermione. To that end, artist and Instagram user Floccinauci has imagined the titles of the books from the perspectives of Hermione and Ron. And it’s gold, friends. Gold.

Boing Boing brought these creative covers to our attention. My particular favorite is Hermione’s name for the second book. Instead of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it’s Hermione Is More Competent Than Everyone Else While She Is in a Coma. That’s just the truth.

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A post shared by floccinauci (@nauciflocci) on

Ron isn’t one of my favorite characters in the books, so Floccinauci’s take on the names of his books are right up my alley. They’re all about how Ron gets hit by various things. Again, she’s not wrong.

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A post shared by floccinauci (@nauciflocci) on

Naturally, this has us wondering what the titles of the novels would be if other characters were at the center. For example:

  • Book one from Snape’s point of view: Snape Is Confronted With the Son of the Woman He’s Loved His Entire Life and It’s Really Not Fair
  • Book one according to Voldemort: Voldemort: Stuck in a Smelly Head Wrap but Still Manages to Be Scary
  • Book six from Draco’s perspective: Draco Lurks Around All the Corners
  • Book seven for Voldemort: Voldemort’s No Good, Very Bad Day

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Do you have suggestions for titles as written by any other characters? I’d love to see what you can come up with for Neville, Dumbledore, or anyone else. Leave your titles in the comments or share them on Twitter– @nerdist and @amy_geek.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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