HARLEY QUINN Delivers Final Trailer Before Black Friday Debut

Harley Quinn’s original series is so close yet so far. The DC Universe original series drops on November 29, just in time for a fun post-Thanksgiving escape. It completely checks out for Harley to make her debut on Black Friday, right? And, it’s a great way to get fans even more excited about all the additional Harley content coming, including Birds of Prey. The streaming service made a bold move and released what is likely the final full-length Harley Quinn trailer on Disney + day to hype fans up. As expected, this clip is far from disappointing with a lot of fun moments, NSFW language (this is absolutely not for the kiddos), and a bit more insight into how this show will set up Harley’s solo adventures.

In the Harley Quinn trailer, Harley and Joker are in the middle of an argument while setting things on fire and smashing in heads. She laments that she’s over just bashing a bunch of goons and wants to be Joker’s official partner-in-crime. Batman pops up on the scene to save the day and Joker says Harley makes the perfect distraction to allow him time to escape. Ahhh…there’s nothing like a dysfunctional relationship. She realizes that Joker only loves his complex relationship with Batman, switches up her look, and teams up with Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn gets to work forming a crew full of “scumbags that no one else believes in.”

The crew is set and Harley’s ready to make a few scores, but there’s one big problem – her ex-partner Joker keeps literally throwing her out of the way. Harley gets increasingly angry and says  “if he wants to f**ck with me, I will f**k right back!” She steps on the scene of Penguin’s nephew’s bar mitzvah and causes a scene that catches Bane’s attention. Joker’s pretty angry and claims she has HPV, to which Bane replies that this is true for most sexually active adults. Yes, this series is definitely not holding anything back when it comes to the adult humor.

Aretha Franklin’s “Think” blares in the background as Harley destroys anything with Joker’s face on it. She keeps the destruction party going as she splatters blood and sets her eyes on a specific mission. All the great supervillains, including Joker, are a part of the Legion of Doom so her goal is to be a part of this infamous collection too. The trailer ends with some really fun moments of Harley stealing the Batmobile, working side by side with Poison Ivy, and Harley knocking one of Joker’s teeth out with a baseball bat. Can Harley reach her full potential as a villain and outshine her former lover? It will be interesting to see how it all goes down in this series.

Harley Quinn is sure to rub those who love the Joker/Harley dynamic the wrong way and have more than a few eyebrow raising moments. This only means one thing – it’s gonna be extremely fun to watch. Get ready for some epic Harley vs. Joker action.

Featured Image: DC/YouTube

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