HAPPY ENDINGS Cast Reunited for Virtual Table Read

Small in numbers but great in spirit are the extant Happy Endings fans of the world. Those who still stream old episodes and laugh at every rapid-fire jab; those who have taken to assigning character counterparts among their own codependent social circles (love and sympathy to all those out there who’ve been assigned Dave); and those who regularly beg whatever higher power they believe in for a revival of the series.

And though we of the described breed may never get the fourth season we so crave, there is indeed some good fortune awaiting us. The Happy Endings cast has reunited for a virtual table read, which you can watch just below. And fair warning: it is hilarious.

Jane and Brad cheer on Happy Endings

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As you may have seen, undertakings of this nature have become fairly common among creative forces motivated to entertain fans (and themselves!) during the physically and mentally taxing coronavirus pandemic. So far, productions like the animated action-adventure series The Legend of Korra, Netflix’s odd couple dramedy Grace and Frankie, the streaming site’s animated comedy Big Mouth, and  the iconic ’90s sitcom The Nanny have gotten in the game.

In the latter two cases, the casts came together to perform existing episodes of their respective series (Big Mouth’s season three ep “How to Have an Orgasm” and The Nanny’s 1993 pilot), while the Grace and Frankie collective performed the yet-to-air season seven premiere and the Legend of Korra stars read from the graphic novel, Turf Wars, penned after their show’s conclusion.

Dave dresses as Austin Powers while Penny and Max dress as a mother and baby on Happy Endings.

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The Happy Endings team brought us a brand new script for the occasion. For this special charity event and live Q&A to raise money and awareness for Color of Change and José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, the cast read new material from Happy Endings writers. It’s fittingly titled, “And The Pandemmy Goes To…”

The table read took place on Monday, July 20, at 4pm PT, but is still available to watch—use the above YouTube link to tune in. Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., and Casey Wilson appeared in the reunion… with a special surprise guest. Brace yourself for wacky, pop-culture-reference-laden hijinks.

Featured Image: Sony Pictures Television

Originally published on April 10, 2020. 

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