Watch Hans Zimmer Play the DUNE Score Live on Stage

Your epic sci-fi or fantasy movie is really only as good as your score. And luckily, Dune had an appropriately grand one, thanks to the work of composer Hans Zimmer. And it even merited an Academy Award nomination this year. We believe this is well earned, as the Oscar winner really turned it out for the recent adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel.

Now, via Slashfilm, Warner Bros. has released a three-minute video of a live performance of portions of the Dune score, featuring Hans Zimmer himself on electric guitar. Not to mention on the sound mix board as well. You can watch the full video right here.

Unlike other film composers, Hans Zimmer has no problem rocking out on stage. Sure, John Williams and Danny Elfman play the Hollywood Bowl every year, but they rarely bust out their guitars. But then, Hans Zimmer has a history of this going back some forty years. He was a member of the New Wave group The Buggles, whose music video for “ Video Killed the Radio Star” launched MTV back in 1981. After becoming a major film composer, he has performed on stage at giant outdoor concerts like Coachella. He’s always got a wee bit of the rock star thing in him still.

Hans Zimmer and vocalist Loire Cotler perform the Dune score live on stage.
Warner Bros.

As cool as it is to see Zimmer rock out, let us not forget to give the ladies on stage their due. Vocalist Loire Cotler and cellist Tina Guo didn’t have to go that hard, but they did. And if their names sound familiar to you, it’s because they’ve worked with Zimmer before. You can hear Cotler in the scores for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and non-Zimmer films like Raya and the Last Dragon. And Tina Guo is the same cellist behind the now-iconic Wonder Woman theme music. Now, what do we have to do to get a full Dune live concert?

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