These Handcrafted 3D Bookshelf Inserts Add Urban Dimension to Your Library

Books are transporting; little worlds exist between the spines, waiting for discovery. That’s the magic of reading, but one Japanese artist has extended that idea in a more physical way by crafting a series of 3D wooden bookshelf inserts that depict urban back alley streets.The artist known as monde shared the shelves on Twitter, with photos offering a closer look at the intricate designs.

In translation, the tweet explains that the “back alley bookshelf” is the size of a paperback book. A power switch was inserting on the surface to illuminate the tiny, precise detail, like the rows of square sidewalk, potted plants, and stone steps.The 3D inserts were created with “material wood” and first made in 2018. monde is currently exhibiting the dioramas at art installments in Japan.

No word on whether or not the inserts will be available for sale in the future, but for now we can marvel at the artistry from the images they’ve provided on Twitter.

Images: monde

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