Why HAN SOLO Directors Lord and Miller Were Really Fired

Star Wars fans received a massive shock yesterday when Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were suddenly fired by Lucasfilm just a few weeks before the film was supposed to wrap. Make no mistake, it is a very rare event for Hollywood directors to be removed during principal photography of a blockbuster movie. But apparently the issues that Lord and Miller had with their bosses finally reached peak Death Star and there’s no turning back now. Today’s Nerdist News is pouring over the intelligence reports to tell you why the Han Solo directors are out and who might replace them.Join the host who always shoots first, Jessica Chobot, as she tells us all about the issues that came up on the Han Solo set. It’s important to remember that Lord and Miller have a very comedic sensibility that made The LEGO Movie and  21 Jump Street into hits. And yet the early reports indicate that Lucasfilm pushed back when they attempted to make Han Solo funnier and allowed the script to be improvised on the set. According to a report on Slashfilm, it sounds like there was a culture clash between the directors and Lucasfilm from day one. It finally came to a head when Lord and Miller refused to compromise on their vision for the film, but even they may have been surprised by their swift dismissal. One thing is clear: Han Solo needs a new director ASAP and the movie may be facing massive reshoots. There may not be much of Lord and Miller’s work left when Han Solo finally hits theaters.So, who could possibly step in to replace that directing duo at this late hour? Ron Howard is supposedly the top choice, with Joe Johnston and Robert Zemeckis also reportedly in the mix. To be sure, all three are very talented directors, but we would have loved to have seen Lord and Miller’s take on one of Star Wars‘ most beloved characters.How do you feel about the Han Solo shakeup? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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