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Halloween POKÉMON Plush Will Put You in the Spooky Spirit

Due to the variety of creatures and locales in the Pokémon universe, both the series and games have been able to capture multiple vibes over the decades and satisfy anybody looking for just about anything. Pokémon Contests in the third generation of games let trainers and their Pokémon show off cute pageantry, battles are all about competitive spirit, and if you want to get your creepy on, there’s always Lavender Town. The haunted community is home to a Pokémon graveyard, a perfectly spooky place to keep in mind as Halloween approaches. If you’re looking to spice up your October holiday season with some Pokémon spirit, then the new “ Eerie Delights” merch collection is for you.

Direct from The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon Center store comes a new set of Halloween-themed items. Some are functional, like the Pokémon Trading Card Game play mats that are made of neoprene, meaning they’re nice and padded and they won’t be sliding around the table as you use them. Other items, like socks and super adorable pins, are all about fashion.

But the majority of the collection is cuddly plush, which is totally fine with us.

You can keep it simple with a variety of pumpkin-themed Pikachu plushes, or you can grab the one that most catches my eye: the Gengar plush that is wearing a Mega Banette costume and has a nail sticking out of its head, which looks like the move Curse.

Take a closer look at everything that’s available in the gallery below, and let us know in the comments what you’ll be picking up for Halloween.

Images: Pokémon Center

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