Find Out How Long You Can Outrun Michael Myers

Depending on which  Halloween movies timeline you’re going by, Michael Myers (alias “the Shape”) killed either six people and a dog or roughly a million people and several dogs following the murder of his older sister in 1963. He’s one of screendom’s most terrifying presences and any one of us would run as fast as we could to get away from him. But exactly how long could you outrun Michael Myers? Could you escape, or would nerves and tripping over your own dumb feet get in the way? Now you can find out.In celebration of the new Halloween movie hitting theaters this week, a new web game called Escape Michael Myers has stalked onto the internet. You play as Laurie Strode and need to dodge cars, garbage, gates, and trick-or-treaters as you endlessly run toward the bottom of the screen as John Carpenter’s terrifying music blares in your ears. It’s enough to make even the most hardened slasher hunter go cold.Ready to play? Click “go” and try it out:

The game starts with Laurie doing target practice on some dummies. You can, in theory, shoot Michael, which I guess would end the game right there, but given the reflexes required to do so, it’s probably not possible. Each of the targets you hit gives you a life, which you’ll need, because every time Laurie trips on something, she slows down. As we all know, Michael walks at a steady pace and is unmoved by anything around him, so if you slow down, you get dead.I personally lasted a minute and seven seconds the first time, then a minute 49 the second. Is there an end? Can you truly outrun Michael? You can’t outrun the Boogeyman.How long did you last against the Shape? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Universal/Blumhouse

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