This Functional Mini Lightsaber Is Getting a Color Swapping Upgrade

Over the last few years, we’ve shown you several of the jaw-dropping creations of engineer and YouTuber the Hacksmith. He’s made a career of bringing the kind of impossible science we’ve seen in sci-fi movies to life. Things such as Batman’s grappling gun, and even a “flying” version of Thor’s hammer. But the most amazing creations from the Hacksmith center around Star Wars. These include the world’s first fully functional lightsaber, which feels dangerous to even just look at in a video.

The Hacksmith now has a little mini version of the lightsaber, which you can purchase from The Hacksmith Store now for $50.00. But they are also testing out an attachment that will allow for the saber color to change. (Sadly, Kyber crystals are not exactly a thing we can find in our boring galaxy). This would allow for a Sith-red saber color. You can see the mini saber in the video above, and the prototype red saber attachment by clicking here.

a photo of a lightsaber being forged in fire
Hacksmith Store

We’re not really sure what one would do with this mini saber, besides for camping trips to Endor maybe. It does seem like the perfect size for a Jedi like Yoda though. Some of the other amazing Star Wars creations from the Hacksmith include a floating little bassinet like the one Grogu has in The Mandalorian, and bulletproof Mando armor like the kind Din Djarin wears. He even made a lightsaber that has the crossguard that Kylo Ren loves so much. It feels like at some point, he’s just going to try and build his own Death Star. (Just be careful where you point that thing, Mr. Hacksmith).

To check out more of these incredible nerdy pieces of engineering, be sure to head on over to The Hacksmith YouTube channel for more. And to purchase some of your own, head on over to the Hacksmith store.

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