This Dangerous Caterpillar Looks Like a Delicious Gummi Candy

If you’re one of the many people with an insatiable sweet tooth (read: everybody), the idea of looking at a handful of sugary-sweet delicious gummi treats probably makes you feel like Homer Simpson in front of…a bunch of sweet gummi treats. But as you watch this little jelly treat of a caterpillar circling its container in the clip below, do not let your salivary glands run wild. This caterpillar is dangerous, and also probably doesn’t taste anything like what you’d hope.

The little creature shown moving about on its suckers like a lumpy gummi worm that magically came to life and started slinking away from you before you could eat is a Olona sp, Limacodidae, or what is commonly known as a slug moth. This specimen was found in Singapore on a Macarthur Palm tree and was posted to a “mothing and moth-watching” page on Facebook by member Janice Yang.

Obviously the most striking feature about the Olona sp, Limacodidae is the fact that it literally looks like it’s made of a delicious, jelly gummi substance. Which is surprisingly shiny and slick, adding to the allure of the gummi creature. But do not be fooled! This little gummi Joltik– it really does kind of look like a Joltik –is laden with urticating (irritating) hairs that will sting you. And that glossy shine that kinda makes it look like the gummi has already been licked is actually a lubricant made out of liquefied silk that the caterpillar produces.

Other species of moth belonging to the family Limacodidae are equally as impressive visually, although clearly not as seemingly delicious. For example, the below member of Limacodidae from Borneo is a slug moth caterpillar that lets you know up front with about a thousand large needles that it does not want to be anywhere near your tongue. Although, if you made a replica of this little creature out of rock candy, that may work.

Image: Wikimedia / Charlesjsharp

What do you think about this little gummi-slug of a caterpillar? Even after knowing that it’s dangerous and also a bug, do you still kind of want to eat it? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images:  Janice Ang, Fox, Giphy

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