This Blinged Out Mushroom Ring Sets a Record with Over 24,000 Diamonds

The Guinness World Record for most diamonds in a ring is now 24,679 thanks to India’s SWA Diamonds. The ring is shaped like a pink oyster mushroom with 41 petals, all completely coated in tiny diamonds. We learned about the record-breaking bling on DesignTAXI, which reports its worth at over $95,000. Which somehow works out to less than $4 per diamond. The name of the ring is “The Touch of Ami” and it weighs 12 ounces. Or about as much as a can of soda. Imagine toting that around on your finger!

The new record more than doubled the previous one of 12,638 diamonds, also set by a jewelry designer in India. As recently as 2015, the record for most diamonds set in a ring was “only” 3,827 diamonds. Since then, a competing group of jewelry makers have roughly doubled the number with each new record-breaking ring. Can it be done again or is 24,679 diamonds likely to stand as the most diamonds in one ring for many years to come? It’s hard to see how anyone could find a way to include more. Diamonds coat the ring from top to bottom with multiple strands on the band as well.

Four shots from different angles of a ring made up of 24,679 diamonds in the shape of an oyster mushroom
SWA Diamonds

Other interested diamond records from Guinness World Records include the most diamonds set on a toilet (40,815) and most diamonds set on a mobile phone case (6,576). But if you’re looking for just that one perfect diamond instead of thousands, you can buy one in the shape of a Pokéball for that perfect Pokémon-inspired engagement ring. And never forget that Hidden Valley Ranch made one by heating and pressurizing ranch seasoning into a 2-carat diamond. How romantic. 

Featured Image: SWA Diamonds

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