GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Japanese Voice Cast Cosplay As Their Characters

So it’s possible that you might have heard, but Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is kind of the biggest thing when it comes to movies right now, and not just in North America but all over the world. In fact, Marvel Studios’ epic sci-fi adventure comedy has already amassed a whopping $300 million in just one week in the overseas markets. Clearly, the rest of the world loves Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot as much as we do.

But for the majority of foreign markets, they never get to hear the dulcet tones of Chris Pratt speaking as Peter Quill, or Vin Diesel or Bradley Cooper’s voice overs for Groot and Rocket, respectively. Instead, non English speaking markets have their own voice over casts for these movies, who work just as hard to bring these characters to life.

In Japan however, the voice actors who do the dubbing really get into the parts, as perhaps few international voice casts do. In fact, the Japanese voice cast of the film recently made a public appearance cosplaying as the characters — yes, even the voices of Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Thanks to Crunchyroll, we’ve learned that veteran anime voice actor Koichi Yamadera ( Cowboy Bebop) who voices Star Lord, actor Kenichi Endō (Groot), Kôji Katô (Rocket), and Sayaka Akimoto (Mantis)  spent several hours with make-up artists to create elaborate Guardians themed cosplay for a special preview screening of the film in Japan. Guardians Vol. 2 officially opens in the country on May 12.

You can see a video of the cast in their amazing cosplay down below. Yes, it’s all in Japanese, but you can still get a good look at their killer cosplay in any language.

What do you make of the Japanese voice cast’s amazing cosplay and enthusiasm for their roles? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Studios 

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