Grogu Gets His Own Adorable STAR WARS Tamagotchi

Although we finally got a Star Wars Tamagotchi last year, when one featuring R2-D2 became available, fans of the ’90s fad have wondered when we’d get any of the saga’s other avatars of cuteness. How about an Ewok? Or BB-8? Well, turns out, next in the series of Tamagotchis is none other than The Mandalorian’s very own wee Jedi youngling, Grogu. Or, as some may still call him, Baby Yoda. Via the official Tamagotchi site, we’ve learned that Grogu is on his way to eager fans, in two different variations. We think the choice of Grogu/Baby Yoda Tamagotchis will make a lot of fans very happy indeed.

Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi
Lucasfilm / Bandai

Depending on how you nurture your wee Force-powered baby, he will change into one of a dozen different appearances. And these include three secret ones as well. Caretakers of Grogu can feed him macaron and squid chowder, just as we saw in the Disney+ series during the second season. But If you feed the Tamagotchi Grogu too much squid chowder, the squid will jump on the little green guy. And that is definitely something we don’t want. We hate seeing Grogu cry.

Grogu watches Jedi fight clone troopers during Order 66 in a flashback on The Book of Boba Fett

There are 2 mini-games available anytime to play, or additional mini-games will alternate depending on how you interact with Tamagotchi Baby Yoda. These games will have 10 playable outcomes. On top of that, special guests come to visit every hour. Are they 3PO? BB-8? Chopper even?? We’re not sure, but we’d be happy to see any of them show up. Hopefully, Lucasfilm and Bandai will expand the line even further. We can think of several other cute characters from the galaxy far, far away who deserve the Tamagotchi treatment.

Devoted Star Wars fans can pre-order the Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi now on, available in a Blue version or the “Using the Force” version. The latter comes with an included silicone case that is removable.

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