Greg Nicotero Wants to Remake PRINCE OF DARKNESS

Horror fans are all in a tizzy for special effects maverick Greg Nicotero’s take on Creepshow. The Walking Dead stalwart got his start working with George Romero, so a continuation is a perfect fit. But during a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Nicotero shared another classic horror property he wants to get his hands on. And it’s a film that might surprise you!

John Carpenter’s 1987 underrated cult classic Prince of Darkness centers on a priest who recruits a ragtag group of academics, scientists, and physicists to investigate the supposed existence of Satan. Because this is a Carpenter movie, Satan is apparently embodied in a very sci-fi looking jar of mysterious glowing gas. From there all hell breaks loose (pun fully intended). If you haven’t caught the awesome and original horror flick then Nicotero is here to change that. He revealed he’s working to get a remake of the ’80s oddity off the ground.

Greg Nicotero Wants to Remake PRINCE OF DARKNESS_2

The scope and story are what drew the director to the potential project as well as the fact it’s a movie that he has seriously fond feelings for. “I’ve always loved Prince of Darkness from John Carpenter. I’ve been talking to people about remaking that because there’s just this great the idea that ‘Oh, there was this church and there were these guys, and there was a f***ing Satan all of a sudden, you know; everything is out of balance.'”

Tonally Prince of Darkness has just the kind of feel and atmosphere that Nicotero digs. That’s been one of the driving forces behind his passion for the project. “And it has that sort of Italian horror movie vibe like you know, Seven Doors of Death [another name for Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond]. It’s like oh, the priest committed suicide, and now the doors are open. I love that shit. I’ve always loved that sort of thin veil between what we believe is this reality and what isn’t. I’ve always had a lot of fun with that. So, we’ve been talking about that for a little bit.”

We’d love to see Nicotero’s take on the Carpenter classic but nothing is confirmed yet so until more news breaks we’ll be mainlining the Creepshow trailer and waiting til the six episode series hits Shudder on September 26, 2019.

Images: Universal/Scream Factory

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