Grandma Gamer’s Homemade ZELDA Map Pwns Your Strategy Guide

Grandmothers throughout the ages have had a reputation for homemade goodness. Pies, casseroles, hand-knitted sweaters, garden-grown veggies, and…video game maps? Yes. Thanks to a Reddit user who guys by the extremely Reddit-ish username of “Plausible__Bullshit,” we have a look at a map drawn by his gramma, a seriously old-school gamer who played into her late eighties. Now, given the individual’s username, we should probably take any plausible story told by them as potentially suspect, but we can say this: whether the map in question was drawn by an 80-something year-old, or an 18-something year-old, it is an impressive piece of work on graph paper that shows the way through Ganon’s Castle in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

My grandma was a hardcore gamer well into her late 80’s, until her arthritis made it impossible to hold a controller. She drew this map and took notes before strategy guides existed. This is Ganons castle. Miss you Grandma.

The fact that it is all hand-designed and written in block capitals does make it more likely that it’s someone older with ingrained habits rather than a child or teen–contrary to the implication of the original post, strategy guides did exist when Ocarina of Time was released, so this is not a map that someone had to draw, but one they wanted to. And a senior-citizen gamer, trained on first-gen adventure games that were entirely text-based and required you to draw a map if you had any hope of survival, would be more likely to prefer it this way. Old habits are always better, you whippersnappers die hard.What’s the coolest thing your grandmother ever did? Let us know in comments!

Featured Image: Flickr/ Christopher Holden

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