Gotta Sketch Em All…In 45 Seconds

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So you’re probably well on your way to catching all of the Pokemon by now. But how are your artistic abilities? Can you sketch your favorite Pokemon? What about if you only have 45 seconds? How good of a job can you do? Now you can find out on

Here’s how it works. Click “Let’s Draw”  and the site will give you a random Pokemon on your screen to draw using the colors provided. There will also be a very intimidating clock counting down from 45 seconds. Seems pretty difficult, right? Well, these talented people managed to make it look easy!

Head over to and give it a shot! Whether you’re a talented artist, or just looking for some Pokemon fun in-between Pokemon Go hunts, this is the game for you. And make sure to check out the Gallery page to see the last 10,000 Pokemon drawn on the site.

What’s your favorite Pokemon to sketch? Have you been able to make a masterpiece with pokedraw? Show us your best work in the comment section below!

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