Gorillaz Released an App That Lets You Tour Their Virtual Home

Gorillaz leader Damon Albarn has been working his fingers to the bone over the past few months to make sure we know that the band has a new album, Humanz, coming out in a couple weeks. Ahead of the record’s April 28th release, Gorillaz have announced a TV show, shared social media story books, and done just about everything aside from getting their own breakfast cereal (although we would be 0 percent surprised if that happened too). Now, the band is getting ready to take over your phone with its new self-titled app, which allows you to explore the group’s home in virtual reality, augmented reality, and in 360-degree environments ( via NME).

The app, which is available now on Android and iOS, allows users to explore the band’s abode and even engage them in conversation. It looks like there are some light (very light) RPG elements as well, since there’s apparently a narrative involved in your explorations, and the app will be updated to incorporate more storylines. The app will also be the home of “Humanz House Party,” an app-only event that’ll be the first place we’ll be able to listen to the new album in full. There’s no word yet on when exactly that’s happening, so let’s assume it’ll be within a few days of the record’s release.

It’s hard to be surprised by anything Gorillaz do because they’re so ahead of the curve in every way, but we’re still intrigued. Are you going to grab the app, or skip it and just wait for the album to drop? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured image: Gorillaz/YouTube

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