Gorillaz Gave Their First Ever Live Interview and It is Hilarious

For most bands promoting an album, a big part of that cycle is going to various media outlets and giving interviews, answering questions about the new record, the upcoming work’s place in the band’s catalog, what it was like making the album, and things like that. Gorillaz have a new album, Humanz, on the way, but since they’re, well, cartoons and not real people, it’s hard for them to do things like that that come so easy for us fleshy folks. Leave it to them to find a way though, since they did in fact give their first ever live interview yesterday ( via Pitchfork).

For a half hour, a three-dimensional 2D and Murdoc sat on the couch opposite interviewer Mistajam and answered questions, which was as entertaining as it was seemingly impossible. If we had to guess, we’d say the technology is similar to what was used when Homer answered viewer questions on that live episode of The Simpsons last year.

Novelty aside, the answers 2D and Murdoc provided were illuminating and totally in character. When asked if the band ever expected to be where they are today, Murdoc responded, “It’s been an incredible journey. These people have been in my… well, in my wake for so many years, I seem to have them as permanent companions in producing such beautiful music.” Then 2D chimed in, “Yeah, we didn’t really have a choice at first. I mean, I was kidnapped by Murdoc.”

If anything, this super fun interview shows that the Gorillaz TV show that’s currently being worked on could be a real hoot. Are you convinced? Give us a shout on Twitter and let us know what you think!

Featured image: Telekom Electronic Beats/YouTube

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