GOOSEBUMPS Live-Action TV Series Is Headed to Disney+

If you’re a horror person, chances are you cut your genre teeth on some spooky book series as a kid. Every Millennial horror fan seems to have an origin story that traces back to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps. The anthology book series told frightening tales with fun titles like Welcome to Dead House, Say Cheese and Die!, and Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. The books even spawned a live-action TV series in the ’90s that lasted four seasons and two Jack Black-starring movies in recent years. And now another live-action Goosebumps TV series is on the way!

We learned the series was in the works in April 2020. And now, via Variety, we know Disney+ has picked up the live-action Goosebumps show. The streamer is giving the show a 10 episode order. Sony Pictures Television Studios will produce the series. Nick Stoller and Rob Letterman will write the show and serve as executive producers. Additionally, Letterman is set to the direct the first episode. Representatives from Original Film, Stoller Global Solutions, and Scholastic Entertainment will also executive produce.

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As far as what the series will be about, Variety reports it “follows a group of five high schoolers who unleash supernatural forces upon their town and must all work together – thanks to and in spite of their friendships, rivalries, and pasts with each other – in order to save it, learning much about their own parents’ teenage secrets in the process.”

So rather than following the anthology format of the previous series, this time the live-action Goosebumps will seemingly tell a season-long narrative. We’re on board with this change in format. However, we hope they take a page from the original’s rad intro, which featured—among other delightfully weird things—a Golden Retriever with spooky yellow eyes.

We’ll keep you posted as more information about Goosebumps becomes available.

Featured Image: Scholastic

Originally published April 28, 2020 with reporting by Lindsey Romain.

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