Google Is Officially Testing Burrito Delivery Drones

Enjoying your burrito is about to become a helluva lot easier, because X’s Project Wing (which was formerly Google X) has officially begun testing its burrito drones in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was announced last week that Chipotle would be partnering with Project Wing to revolutionize the burrito industry, allowing drone delivery, and it looks like our burrito-filled future is now.

Gizmodo reports that X’s communications manager, Jacquelyn Miller, confirmed that testing is happening, and Chipotle also confirmed their connection with the test. However, neither company commented on the specifics of the test–like telling us how many burritos one drone could deliver or if it could handle other items like drinks or chips. You’ve got to expect that X and Chipotle are trying to create a drone delivery service large enough to handle big orders and orders with beverages, but who knows.If you want to catch a glimpse of food delivery history in the making, you can watch a video from the Roanoake Times that captured the delivery test. I’ll be honest. It’s not the most captivating video you’ll ever watch in your life, despite how much the prospect of getting a flying robot to deliver food may excite you. The whole thing is very sterile and scientific, showing a woman with a clipboard retrieving the package (it was unclear if an actual burrito resided inside the parcel), and taking it to a staging area. They did have multiple drones flying close to one another, which might be their answer to multi-burrito orders.

While the video itself may be a bit bland, it’s fascinating to watch how more and more companies are dreaming up ways to use drone delivery to revolutionize ways consumers receive products. Figuring out a way to get us burritos without making us leave our homes or talk to real people will either be the greatest development for introverts ever, or it will take our society one step closer to becoming the humans featured on WALL-E. I’m willing to take that risk though, because burritos.

What do you think of Chipotle’s burrito delivery idea? Would you ever try getting a burrito delivered by drone? What other companies do you think would benefit from incorporating drone delivery? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

We asked our favorite celebs what’s in their ideal burrito:

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Feature Image: Andrew Turner/ Flickr

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