Godzilla’s Daughter Comes Out As Trans In Adorable Video

Pride Month may be over, but celebrating and accepting the LGBTQIA+ community transcends a singular month. That said, we’re always happy to see how everyone celebrates Pride and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this adorable new video posted on the official Toho Godzilla Twitter account.

The short film was created by stop motion animator Cressa Maeve Beer and shows Godzilla’s young child struggling with their identity. She eventually comes out to her father, the big and lovable kaiju, as a trans girl. And, because Godzilla is every bit the supporting parent you’d expect, he accepts her without question and shows her love.

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Godzilla even knits his daughter a trans flag, prompting her to tears. And us to tears, too!

Godzilla knits a trans flag for his daughter in short Pride film.
Cressa Maeve Beer/Toho Godzilla

This touching short film may seem simple, but the message is overwhelmingly powerful and positive. Simply accepting our children for who they are is easy—and giving them the love they deserve even easier. Godzilla, with his unconditional and unquestioning support, is a model for the exact way to deal with a transitioning child. Love, support, kindness, and even a little creativity to make them feel extra special.

There are so many lovely details in the short, too. Like Godzilla’s daughter watching Sailor Moon and feeling seen.

We really love this short and we really love that the official Toho Godzilla account shared it for Pride. The more we normalize trans stories, the more we help that community. And the more we erase the toxic stigma that certain famous celebrities are trying to spread at a time when we need love and acceptance more than ever before.

Pride Month may be over, but every day is Pride when you live and love with an open heart and an open mind. Just like Godzilla.

Featured Image: Cressa Maeve Beer/Toho Godzilla

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