Glitter Cappuccinos Exist, for Better or Worse

We are living in the age of the Unicorn and Zombie Frappuccinos and elaborate latte art. Our coffee shop beverages are no longer only meant to be tasty and caffeine-filled, but highly Instagrammable. And while it seemed we had reached the zenith of highly-designed, over-the-top drinks with Starbucks fraps, a few coffee shops have taken stylized coffee consumption to a whole new level. Ladies and gentlemen, meet glitter cappuccinos:

Yes, much like the scientists of Jurrassic Park, these baristas were so preoccupied with whether or not they could infuse glitter into a beverage that they didn’t stop to think if they should. Now, for better or for worse, glitterccinos are a thing. So where can you try one of these glitter monstrosities for yourself? Coffee By Di Bella is serving your caffeinated glitter up in India, and Melbourne in Lichfield has also embraced the trend. For those of us in other countries, we’ll have to wait and see if coffee shops near us start slinging coffee with a hearty spoonful of glitter.

To be fair, the glitter does make for a very pretty drink, and will almost certainly make your Monday mornings feel a bit more sparkly (ugh, sorry, I couldn’t help myself). There’s no word on how these dazzling drinks actually taste, but I guess as long as they’ve got enough of a caffeine kick to wake you up, they’ve done their job.

And while the huge question surrounding this new generation of coffee art is a big, fat “WHY?!”, I can’t be the only one here wondering what drinking glitter will do to the human body. Will the glitter get stuck on our tongues? Will you literally urinate glitter? Will it be as challenging to get every last piece of glitter out of our guts as it is to cleanse our homes of it after expansive art projects? Inquiring minds want to know!

What do you think of glitter cappuccinos? Would you ever try one? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Featured image: Coffee By Di Bella

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