Watch Glitter Bomb 2.0 Blast Thieves with Glitter, Turd Spray

Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the saying goes, but it’s apparently even better when the dish sprays clingy glitter and a pungent spray that smells like dastardly turds. At least, that appears to be the case according to Mark Rober’s latest video, in which the YouTuber remade his legendary Glitter Bomb Trap from 2018 used for catching package thieves. It delivers maximum schadenfreude, as well as a dash of Macaulay Culkin, which is always a perfect combo for a merry holiday season!


When Rober made his first glitter bomb last year, he did so in response to the theft of his own packages and the fact that the police didn’t want to bother pursuing the culprits. He had even caught the package thieves on video, but the police told him that “it [just wasn’t] worth their time to look into,” and sent him off feeling “powerless.” But because Rober is a former NASA engineer, as well as a guy who’s clearly interested in “karmic justice” (his words), he didn’t just sit back and take it. Instead, when the world went low, Rober went fabulous, and made a faux product package that whirled glitter and pumped fart spray on anybody who’d dare take it without consent.

Cut to a year later (almost exactly), and Rober has upgraded his Glitter Bomb Trap box, now in disguise as a pair of “Bose Buzz700s” headphones, to not only deliver a deluge of hard-to-clean glitter, but also sound effects—including those of a police scanner and a woman counting down to nothing—and a far more potent turd spray. A turd spray that makes those who smell it feel “like [they] just ate a turd,” or just had somebody take “a dump on [their] face.”

Mark Rober's Glitter Bomb 2.0 blasts thieves with glitter, intense turd spray..

Macaulay Culkin demonstrates how Rober and Hodgin’s Glitter Bomb Trap fools thieves.  

After Rober and his partner on the project, Sean Hodgins, updated the G.B.T., Rober sent it out into the world to be pilfered by “porch pirates,” who have no qualms about stealing other people’s cool stuff. Following a mishap with a well-intentioned UPS driver, they finally nabbed a few prime targets, all of whom seemed to be just as confused as they were bothered by their 21st century tarring and feathering. The best example comes at about 9:25 in the video, when one particular thief brings a G.B.T. into his home, tells his girlfriend he bought her some Bose headphones (or at least practiced saying that, it’s a bit unclear), and then proceeds to open it in his bedroom. Needless to say, after consuming a mouthful of turd spray, the thief’s vocabulary quickly turns into nothing but expletives.

One other highlight from the video is Rober’s claim that one of the people who’d volunteered up his porch as a steal point for one of the faux packages actually stole it himself. Although Rober does go on to describe how he was able to deliver some sweet, sweet, karmic justice on that thief, too. Which kind of makes us think that if the police aren’t going to concern themselves with these kinds of petty package thefts, maybe we need some kind of caped crusader out there armed with glitter and fart spray. Sounds like the hero we deserve, right?

What do you think of this Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0? Are you thrilled to see thieves get what’s coming to them, or is news of all this theft kind of a downer during the holiday season? Spray your most potent thoughts in the comments section!

Images: Mark Rober 

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