Glenlivet Whiskey Now Comes in Pod Form

I hate everything about The “Tide Pod Challenge” that briefly consumed social media at the start of 2018. For one, it was a classic example of a major “fad” that was actually a small group of people doing something really dumb that was then treated as an example of what’s wrong with all kids today. It’s also really dangerous, and when you learn about just how deadly it is to eat poison (who knew!) it’s not remotely funny. I also hate how easily other things can remind us of the whole stupid event, like when Tide released a box of liquid detergent that looked like box of wine.

Yet here we are again, thinking about the dumbest “challenge” of all-time, because Glenlivet has announced they are releasing a new kind of “cocktail” that appears to have been directly inspired by the Tide Pod Challenge. Get ready to drink—or maybe eat?—our whiskey in alcoholic capsules.

In the announcement, the Scottish distillery revealed its collaboration with award-winning London-based bartender Alex Kratena on Scotch-based cocktail pods:

“The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt, has partnered with sustainable packaging company Nootka and cocktail legend Alex Kratena to unveil a ‘Capsule Collection’ of glassless cocktails that break convention and redefine the way whisky is traditionally enjoyed.”

These “first of its kind” edible capsules are 23ml each, fully biodegradable, and according to Glenlivet “provide the perfect flavour-explosion experience.” All without the need for a glass, ice, or self-reflection about where the world is headed in the year 2019. The three cocktail flavors include:

—Citrus: blends vibrant bergamot, zesty grapefruit and almond with pepper and the creamy sweetness of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve.
—Wood: combines The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve with powerful woody notes of cedar, sandalwood and nutty oloroso.
—Spice: blends the rich full bodied notes of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve with base note of vetiver, dark walnut bitter, leather and tobacco.

If you are a Glenlivet fan and enjoy a premium cocktail, are you going to enjoy it more as a seaweed wrapped “drink” that bursts in your mouth like a grown-up Gusher? Are you going to like it at all? Maybe. I mean in fairness, I’m willing to try these. Even if they aren’t as good as they sound, they are different.

However, the problem is these exist in a post Tide Pod Challenge world. These don’t seem original; they seem exhausting. It’s clear Glenlivet was not prepared for this reaction either, because they felt the need to address it.

So all this hoopla and you can’t even buy them! Perfect. The limited edition capsule cocktails can be found at Kratena’s bar, tayer + elementary, during London Cocktail Week, which runs from October 4 to 13. You can book your tickets here.

But honestly that’s for the best, because the last thing any of us want is another pod challenge that will inevitably only lead to bad things. And we all know what that will be if Glenlivet capsules make it to store shelves.

Featured Image: Glenlivet

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