GLADIATOR 2 Shares First Photos and Posters of Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, and Denzel Washington in Ancient Rome

After more than two decades, the thought of Ridley Scott making a Gladiator sequel still seems hard to believe. It’s not like the Best Picture winner set itself up for a sequel. Plus, you know, its titular character DIED at the end. That’s not exactly the type of movie you imagine getting a second installment. But Gladiator II is definitely happening. We know for sure because we officially have our first photos and posters from the film. The Gladiator 2 first-look photos feature stars Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, and Connie Nielsen fighting to save a decaying Rome from its worst leaders.

Gladiator 2 II images Paul Mescal
Paramount Pictures

They look so good that we’re truly excited to see what happened after Maximus gave his life to give Rome back to the people.

Gladiator 2 II images Paul Mescal kneeling
Paramount Pictures

Get your best sword and sandals out, because it’s time to return to the Colosseum. Paramount Pictures’ long-developing sequel is officially ready to enter the arena.

Gladiator 2 II images Pedro Pascal
Paramount Pictures

But be warned if you love Joseph Quinn with dark hair. The Stranger Things alum is blonde now.

Gladiator 2 II images Joseph Quinn
Paramount Pictures

Anti-warning: Denzel Washington is already the coolest ancient Roman ever.

Gladiator 2 II images denzel washington
Paramount Pictures

Hopefully these photos indicate a full Gladiator 2 trailer is on the horizon. It’s not as though we have to wait much longer for the movie anyway.

Gladiator 2 Posters

Gladiator 2 has also hit us with some massively cool posters for all of the above characters. You can check them out below.

What Is the Release Date for Gladiator 2?

Gladiator 2 takes a chariot into theaters this fall on November 22, 2024.

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